So much to do and so little time — such is the life of a sought-after company, in any field or service area. Content creation, marketing efforts, print and digital design, public relations, not to mention managing day-to-day operations, hiring, sales, website and social media maintenance and engagement… you’ve got a lot on your plate! But having a dedicated digital marketing agency can help take some of that pressure off your overworked shoulders.

By hiring an agency to support your digital marketing efforts, you save time and energy that could be spent focusing on your real goal: growing your own business. And hiring experts to handle your digital marketing efforts will be more cost-effective in the long run because they will provide measurable, successful results the first time, grow with you to support your business and goals, and be less expensive or time-consuming than hiring and training an in-house team.

You already know the benefits of using an agency, but why should you use only one? After all, isn’t it more efficient to spread out the work you have among different specialists?

Not necessarily!


While it may seem efficient at first to have multiple agencies working simultaneously, the drawbacks far outweigh that one positive.

Sure, you will have all of your projects done at once, or close together, but then your workload will be compounded by the influx of those projects. You’ll have to balance multiple design consultations, project managers, deadlines, meetings, and approval processes. All that time you saved by outsourcing projects will be lost in the shuffle of managing them. In addition, you’ll have to worry about inconsistencies and miscommunication with so many different voices trying to create one cohesive message.

When you hire only one dedicated agency to handle your digital marketing efforts, you get more than just your time back. Building a relationship with a single agency will help simplify your entire marketing process, offer consistent, measurable results from a team you trust, keep expert tools and knowledge right at your fingertips, and allow you to maintain control over your business’s digital endeavors.

Let’s dig into the specifics of why it’s best to hire only one agency for all your digital marketing needs.


We’ve all heard the phrase “too many cooks spoil the broth,” and that is never more true than in digital marketing! When dealing with multiple agencies on several projects, you face the problem of people working over each other, confusion on assigned roles and projects, inconsistencies in services, and misaligned messaging.


All of your best digital marketing assets are in the same place with one agency. Unlike hiring different specialists for each piece of a project, you have one proven team that you can be confident already works well together. Having everyone in the same place is also a great way to inspire collaboration and generate new ideas from creative minds enthusiastic about your project.


One agency means you only have one project manager or liaison to get to know and interact with, which saves you even more time and makes it easier to avoid miscommunications. Plus, a good digital marketing team will be communicating with each other, so you won’t have to spend your time explaining the results of one campaign to a different team – they’ll already know how their efforts are working together.  


Don’t worry about juggling any more deadlines or meetings! Only one agency means only one timeline, which in turn means fewer opportunities for things to go wrong and get off schedule. It also makes keeping track of when to expect what from whom a much smoother process on your end.


Only one agency also means that you only have to go through the “growing phase” once. Each time you bring in a new player to help with any company efforts, there’s a learning period that slows down progress. You’ve experienced it any time you took a new job. Everything slows down to make sure you are trained correctly and fully understand the company’s mission and values. The same happens with agencies — maybe even more so! Since your agency is responsible for your entire digital reputation, you want to be certain they understand your company completely. Luckily, with only one agency, you only have to build this relationship once, and then let it keep growing stronger!


You probably already know that when you only have one team working on your digital needs, you don’t have to worry about inconsistencies in voice, tone, branding, messaging, etc. Everything will have one cohesive look, sound, and feel because it will have all been created by one team.


Don’t know where to start on your digital strategy? Don’t worry! The agency will not only tell you where to start, but will have the tools and knowledge to lead the way. With only one agency, you will have a dedicated team always at the ready to help you meet your goals. And they will be able to give you one comprehensive breakdown of measurable results, so you’ll know exactly where to continue improving.


When you only have one group learning how your brand works and interacts with the world, it’s easier to make adjustments in your brand voice as needed. As mentioned above, communication is easier with just one agency – you don’t have to streamline any small tweaks with several different people to keep consistency.

Instead, you simply discuss changes with one team and the changes are taken care of, leaving you with more time to do what you do best.

If you choose to do digital marketing, which you certainly should, then using one agency for your digital marketing is the best option! If you have questions about your digital marketing, set up a meeting with the VIEO team – we’re excited to help!