SEO, Search Engine Optimization – is the promotion of a site in the organic (not advertising) Google and other search engines by keywords that search engine users request. You need to order this type of marketing from professionals, such as Search engine optimization includes such activities: 

  1. Complex SEO-audit – an important step towards the successful promotion of the site.  The strengthened work of specialists is aimed at traffic growth, and also allows increasing the number of clients and increase conversion rates. During the SEO-audit it is possible to achieve the following results: to detect and correct technical errors in the work of the web resource; to correct content for better conversion, text perception; to implement worthwhile solutions; to correct the strategy for obtaining links.
  2. Compiling a semantic kernel makes it possible to define keywords and concepts for a specific topic.  Later on they are taken into account in the semantics of page content. Correct use in texts affects the result of the issue.  The semantic and semantic kernel are the same concepts, and one should be guided by this principle in work.
  3. Technical optimization of the site allows you to constantly monitor the state of the web resource and promptly make the necessary technical changes, including reference to the algorithms of search engines. The main purpose of the work – to improve interaction with search engines. With a competent and complete approach is possible to achieve the maximum complete indexing of pages of the site. The comprehensive approach includes elimination of site errors, setting up URL page types, redirects, work with the sitemap and robots.txt file.
  4. Building up the reference mass provides high results in the output of the search engine.  Crowd marketing increases traffic and allows you to form a positive information field around the customer’s site. As a result, the growth of positive reputation, increased conversion and popularity of sales. Your brand becomes recognizable, more and more customers come to the site, ready to order.

Marketing advantage of search engine promotion and advertising

As we found out at the beginning of the article: search engine promotion is a type of Internet advertising. If you open any textbook on marketing, you can predict the effectiveness of any advertising on its properties:

  • Coverage – is a property of advertising, showing how many people we can convey an advertising message, how many people can interact with it. For example: if it is an advertisement in an apartment building elevator, the coverage of the advertisement message will be several hundred people who use this elevator, and if the advertisement came out on a central TV channel in prime time, its coverage can reach several million people.
  • Affinity is a qualitative indicator of concentration of the target audience within the audience to which the advertisement applies. For example, if you give an advertisement for sale on the day of the lawyer and place it in the court building, the concentration of the target audience will be very high, as 90% of the court staff (except for janitors and cleaners) have legal education, and the main visitors are lawyers, lawyers, prosecutors and police. Accordingly, if the same advertisement is placed in a kindergarten building, the probability of “getting into Central Asia” is also possible, as one of the parents who take their children may have a legal education, but the concentration of such an audience will be very low, therefore low affinity. To learn more about marketing for lawyers, click here
  • Relevance is the correspondence of the advertising message to the audience’s expectations. What do you mean: If we show low or medium income audience advertising of some luxury product, the effectiveness of this advertising is likely to be low.