With its first slot in 2015, Mascot Gaming entered the industry and began to improve on providing the best gambling experience to its clients. The debut gaming set from the company was showcased at ICE London 2019 but its releases are playable in over 500 online casinos today. Currently, Mascot is one of the leading slot gaming companies on the market that continuously raises the standards of the industry.

Mascot Gaming: staying on top of the market

The increasing popularity of online gambling, thus the growth of the demand on the new games causes the appearance of the new providers. The competition for players is quite tough as every operator tries to offer something new. What aspects make the approach of Mascot Gaming different? Let’s take a look:


Mascot is a team of professional enthusiastic developers that strive to deliver quality on a regular basis. First of all, it is essential to note that it releases 1-2 games every single month, so the clients can expect to get something new in short periods of time. The consistency can also be found in the quality of the products as every new game usually only improves on the previous releases.

Innovative approach

Unlike some other slot gaming companies, Mascot Gaming always tries to explore new possibilities. Introducing new features, mechanics or bonuses, it surprises the players and figures out what can potentially be interesting in future. For instance, Mascot’s team invented the concept of Traffic and Profit games, which made for precise classification of releases. Among other signature features introduced by the provider, you will find:

  • Rockways mechanics. Changes the number of paylines of the slot for each spin.
  • Rockfall feature. Symbols that participated in creating the winning combinations disappear from screen and new ones fall into the blank spaces. It also allows multiplying winnings.
  • Risk & Buy. Optional proposal that is available in the majority of slots from Mascot. Using it, the player can activate a series of free spins after every round, regardless of its result.

The developer puts a lot of effort in creating a unique slot every time, which is especially impressive considering the regular releases. It also counts for the technical characteristics of each game; hit rates, RTP rates and volatility are different every time.

Attention to design

Of course, having such a wide range of options on the modern market of online slots, players consider every factor, including visual appeal of the release. Mascot Gaming has already become famous for how gorgeous its games look. Every slot from the developer’s portfolio takes players to new exciting places, which complements the top-tier quality of gameplay perfectly.

In addition, original soundtracks for every release once again prove the dedication of Mascot Gaming in providing the best experience.