In SEO first, understand how the search engine works? Actually, search engines are not humans. Humans and search engines view webpage are completely different terms. They do not feel like the beauty of the nice design of webpage. Instead, search engines crawl the webpages mainly focus on text, to get an idea what is the website, for delivering correct results to the user. Search engine crawl the webpages to see what is there on the webpage.

This operation performed by some algorithms or software called as crawler or spider. Google search engine has Googlebot for crawling. Crawlers follow links from one webpage to another webpage and index or save a copy of everything they find on their way. After crawling, an index that contents into the huge database servers for later it can be retrieved for a user query.

All SEO environments depend on Keywords, keywords are also known as user search query that enters in search engines.

So, next part of SEO is what is keywords and how to find it?

If the website is well optimized for search engines, speaks the same language that search engine understands. This will help your website to connect users or visitors to your website. Means, you need to know how people are searching for any product, query or information to make it easy for users to reach you. This is why targeting perfect and relevant keywords for your business or website is important.

Keywords are the foundation for all your SEO efforts. So, how to find best and relevant keywords? Target those keywords that are very popular. Periodically use some variation of the keywords for better results. Try to use long tail keywords in your SEO strategy also check search volume and competition of the keywords.

For finding keywords use some tools like:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Trends
  • SEMRush

SEO basically depends on two different types, such as On-Page SEO and Off- Page SEO.

In On-Page SEO, optimization performs “On” website, so this is useful for ranking in search engines but at the lower position. In that, Content and source code of pages can be optimized for fast loading. Optimizing website’s On-Page, it may help to improve the ranking as well as it is also very effective for increasing domain authority through quality contents.