If you want to find your target audience on Instagram, you should explore this area and discover more new tools. For example, now you can buy instagram followers and use this to improve your account status. This is a useful tool, but there are other tips you should explore.


For some categories of business and personal blogs, you can target your audience by geolocation. By studying the geometrics in your publications you will be able to identify users who would feel comfortable buying from you or those who have similar interests. By selecting places where your potential customers can theoretically go, you’ll be able to gather your target base. For example, it’s natural that photos tagged with nightclub tags will be posted by local party goers, and children’s entertainment complexes will be tagged by parents. You can also search for potential customers by geolocating from malls, office buildings or universities, anticipating where they live, work or study.


You can search for your subscribers based on their interests. For example, if your page is designed to promote and sell children’s clothing, your potential target audience is parents. You can find them in the thematic publishers, for example, dedicated to the development of children. Similarly, with other categories of goods and services. Just think about what else could be of interest to people who fit the portrait of a potential client. If the vast majority of your TA come to Instagram to be inspired, it’s important for them to get related useful information in addition to dry information about your product. For example, a brand with travel backpacks would do well to attract TA with helpful posts and interesting travel photos. By posting this kind of publication with the appropriate tags, you will passively attract the attention of users.

Researching your competitors

Be sure that most of the users who are on your competitors’ followers also fit the description of your potential client. Visit a few profiles from your niche and pay attention to two things:

  1. What engagement rates they boast;
  2. What they post to engage their readers.

This will help adjust your marketing program, but the most important thing you’ll get is a ready-made target audience. All you have to do is get their attention. There are many methods for this.

  • Subscribing to an account with the goal of making yourself known, getting them interested in the content and causing them to want to subscribe in return.
  • Like posts, photos or even comments from the right users. You can feel free to actively promote yourself right on your competitors’ page, engaging in discussions with users in the comments, or tagging their comments with likes.
  • Direct messages to interested clients. This action is especially relevant if a user has asked a question to a competitor in the comments, but it goes unanswered. But you might as well send personal messages to users with promotional or other interesting offers.

Commenters on targeted posts

If a user comments on a post, he has a serious interest in the topic and is active. Therefore, it is the users who comment on the targeted posts are the “hottest” customers. You can find them in the thematic publishers, on the pages of your competitors or using hashtags.

Please note that you can search for them without limiting yourself to Instagram posts. As a rule, those who sit on Instagram can also be found on Facebook. You can search for commenters of thematic posts in other social networks, add them to your list of friends there, and then synchronize them with Instagram and get the opportunity to work with their pages. If you are looking for an easier way to get followers, you can find the answer to how do i buy instagram followers.