Few people know that the right choice and adjustment of the sight greatly affects your shooting. Setting up the sight is a very important feature for beginner players. Many people think that the appearance of the sight is just a decorative element that looks nice on the screen, but that’s not true: size, color, transparency and style play an important role in setting up the game. You can set up a large or small sight, transparent or saturated in color, a large choice of style starting from a simple dot ending with a square, a huge range of colors. If you are more interested in changing your weapon rather than your scope, visit csgo.net.

How to change the color and style of the sight

These criteria can be changed in the game options or in the console, now we will tell about what commands affect the color and style of the sight.

  1. cl_crosshairstyle 0 – a normal sight, which increases when you move, and when you stop it decreases to the standard one;
  2. cl_crosshairstyle 1 – normal sight which does not change its size during walking;
  3. cl_crosshairstyle 2 – classic static sight;
  4. cl_crosshairstyle 3 – the classic sight that changes its size while walking;
  5. cl_crosshairstyle 4 – returns the classic sight to a static position.

Now we set the color of the sight: 

  • cl_crosshaircolor_r ? – shade of red;
  • cl_crosshaircolor_g ? – shade of green;
  • cl_crosshaircolor_b ? – shade of blue.

Instead of ? we put numbers from 0 to 255. It should also be noted that before you set the color of the sight yourself, you must prescribe cl_crosshaircolor 5.

Adjusting the size of the rifle scope

To change the size, you need to write in the console command cl_crosshairsize ?, instead of ? you have to specify a number from 0 to 10, where 0 is the smallest and 10 is the biggest. How to remove/add a dot in the center of the sight? In the console write cl_crosshairdot 1 to remove the dot and cl_crosshairdot 0 to add a dot in the center of the aim.

How to remove the blood from CSGO

A lot of people don’t like having a lot of blood on the walls and floor as it allows the opponent to merge with it and thus increase the chance of dying. Some people have not very powerful computers and switching off the blood can reduce the load on your computer and increase the fps of the game. There is a command in CSGO that removes all of the extraneous objects from the map, but it is not very convenient to open it every time you play, so we suggest that you use bind to do it. 

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 r_cleardecals-command that removes blood, traces of bullets, traces from the explosions and more.

How to bind this command to the key and not prescribe it all the time in the console? To do this, open the game console and write the following: bind “w” “+forward; r_cleardecals”. Button W (go forward) is not chosen by chance because when you move on the map you will often press the W and extraneous debris will disappear, allowing you to notice the enemy and they will not merge with the blood.

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