You can argue a lot about the expediency and economic importance of bitcoins. But if there is none, it all turns into mere chatter. So, let’s figure out how to earn bitcoins and how to make money from them? Basically, there are three ways to get bitcoins as of today.

How to get cryptocurrency

  • Mining. To earn bitcoin, you need to have at your disposal quite serious equipment and certain knowledge. At the same time, you need to be prepared for serious costs, both at the stage of preparation and during the mining for electricity.
  • Cloud mining. Does not require special knowledge of how to earn bitcoins, but here you have to trust third-party intermediaries. In practice, you rent certain mining facilities, a certain percentage of the mined currency depending on the amount deposited goes to your wallet in the form of earnings.
  • Direct purchase. Earn regular currency and then use it to buy cryptocurrency. You can use

After you’ve earned yourself some amount of bitcoins, you usually have to think about how to make money from it now? The easiest option is trading. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that the rate of the coin changes a lot within a short period of time. The principle is simple – buy cheaper, sell dearer. That’s the whole point of making money.

Bitcoin as an investment for future earnings

Many people, who in one way or another deal with the Internet, from time to time think about investing in bitcoin for future earnings. What is so attractive to invest in bitcoin from a practical point of view?

  • Decentralization. The bottom line is that cryptocurrency is not tied to banks or other commercial as well as state institutions. As a result, no one can directly take and cancel this electronic currency, as well as influence its rate, at least directly. Also, no bank will be able to charge you any extra fees for your honestly earned bitcoins.
  • Total anonymity. In fact, no one can find out about your savings, assets or investments without your wish. Bitcoin as an investment is an ideal solution for those who, for whatever reason, don’t want to advertise their income.
  • Despite all the fluctuations, the rate should be high. Mining volumes are limited. Eventually they will run out, and new issues are not expected for a long time. If you do not panic in case of sharp drops, then investing in bitcoin is very promising.
  • Security is high enough. Criminals hunt for cryptocurrency with particular fierceness. But, as practice shows, it is faster to have your card photographed from both sides in a store, than to steal your earned bitcoins from your e-wallet.

At the moment you can also get a specialized plastic cryptocurrency card at It’s very convenient to store with such a card, so if you have cryptocurrency, you may want to consider this solution. Using a card can bring you tangible benefits, but if you want to buy one, you need to find a reliable service first.