It is possible to create a realistic image of the three-dimensional model only through the development of 3D-visualization of the object. It allows you to make a high-quality and clear presentation of the product or project. The cost of 3D visualization differs favorably from ordering photoshoots and shooting videos, as creation of 3D visualization is faster, more economical, and results in a product without defects, formed in ideal conditions, which in reality is virtually impossible (especially for architectural exteriors and interiors).

The development of 3D visualization is applied:

  • in industry;
  • in scientific and educational projects;
  • in marketing;
  • in film art and painting.

How does 3d animation work

Object visualization is done to create an extremely believable image of the object. It is especially advantageous to create interiors of facilities, because two-dimensionality does not allow us to evaluate the placement of objects and the work of light and shadow with maximum precision. You can get such a service from 3d animation studios in australia.

Companies need an accurate image of the goods or services sold. Photo studios can not guarantee all requirements, so ordering 3D visualization will solve problems: high resolution pictures of the object, texture and surface of the object, the choice of angles and lighting, the rapid introduction of corrections to the model.

Ordering 3D visualization of objects in the environment is needed to maximize the quality of the product. Surroundings help to better understand the specifics of an object, build emotional and visual contact with the consumer. In construction projects the creation of 3D-visualization is used for presentations to investors, as well as for printing in advertising brochures. They visually reveal the future infrastructure of a residential area or the decor of a room. Ordering 3D visualizations makes it easier to sell a house or design that is under development. 

The development of 3D visualization in advertising will brightly and effectively highlight the products. Create an interesting picture, which succinctly reveals the benefits and features of the product. 3d-visualization is needed not only for commercial purposes, but also for charity and social advertising. Only an interesting and memorable presentation can make people pay attention to the message and feel its importance. 

How to make 3d animation movie

  1. Drawing up a requirements specification. Discusses key technical points, defines target audience and makes sketches of the project.
  2. Creation of a geometric three-dimensional model. Before making a 3D visualization we need to create a 3D model of the product in 3DMAX, ProEngineering, SolidWork or use an existing one.
  3. Texture imposition on the model is to give the surfaces certain visual properties of the materials from which the object will be made. Shading is also modeled to add realism.
  4. Creating an environment scene. This can be simple things – furniture, food, or something special – abstraction, fantasy composition, landscape relief.
  5. Adjusting the lighting. A huge role in the realistic depiction of the volume of an object is played by the shade of light. Specialists carefully work out the balance of light and shadow, as well as brightness levels. 
  6. Setting up additional special effects. This stage is used to create drops, fog, glow, highlights and other animating elements of the picture.
  7. Rendering is the process of obtaining a finished image of the three-dimensional model in 2D. Depending on the complexity of the object and the desired quality of the images, the rendering may last from a few minutes to tens of hours.

The price of 3D visualization depends on:

  • complexity of the geometry of the modeling object;
  • texture quality;
  • requirements for the realism of the final image.

3d-animation is the process of creating a series of moving images. It is used in the fields of entertainment (film, animation, games), science and business. Advertising, promotional videos, and even interactive elements in the design of the site increases the conversion and merchantability. The use of animated videos makes a brand stand out among other companies, and an animated character will be a memorable symbol.

Main steps of work

If you hire professionals, you do not need to figure out how to learn 3d animation. Here are the main stages of which video production sydney consists of. 

  • Creation of the script is the artist’s drawing of the storyboard of the key scenes. It is approved by the project manager, who checks the correctness of the angles and characters.
  • Drawing sketches and video elements such as characters, landscapes, objects.
  • Bringing 3D characters to life with animation is done through the definition of character kinetics for natural and smooth character movement. 
  • Creation of animations. Models are added to the scene, keyframes are created, and backgrounds are finished.